The Agent Who Saves You Money

When I represent you as your buyer's agent you get a seasoned professional Broker/Realtor. I've been representing buyers and sellers since 2002 and to date have been involved in over 150 transactions.

Along with my extensive experience you have an agent who knows how to negotiate in your best interest, always placing your needs first, an agent who understands his fiduciary duties. I know the high standards Realtors are to adhere to, in fact I served several terms on the code of ethics board.

To date I've completed well over 8000 Broker Price Opinions for financial institutions who need to know what a property is worth that they have a financial interest in. I use this same skill to make sure you obtain a fair price, never paying more than than the current fair market value.

I'll discuss at length with you the parameters of the search to find that perfect property. This will give me a good understanding of what your searching for and your budget. On a daily basis I'll search all available sources to locate new properties that have just come on the market. In this fast paced market of today you must work with an agent who stays on top of things never allowing a possible opportunity pass you by. Once a property comes up that is within your search parameters I'll contact you and I'll set up a time for us to visit the property.

I'll make sure you are pre-approved for a loan unless this the transaction will be for cash. I know the local lenders and which are best to work with, a mortgage agent who gives straight information with no puff n' fluff. Preparing yourself ahead of time is a major factor in obtaining a property in this current market as inventory is low and typically there are many buyers searching for similar homes, having an experienced agent looking out for you is a must.

After we've located a property that meets your expectations I'll write the offer and if the offer is accepted escrow will be opened. I will continue to work on your behalf making sure proper disclosures are given to you from the seller(s), and that you understand what your signing. I will work with the escrow officer, mortgage agent, inspectors and appraiser to make sure the transaction goes as flawless as possible.

Along with my fantastic service I'll credit you the commission offered to the buyer's agent that is over 2%. This is done as a credit through escrow to help with recurring and none recurring closing cost. Occasionally a lender or the type of loan my not allow this but it is seldom the case.


Gerald Dallons Broker, BRE #01334275, 2307 Hondo Ct., Paso Robles, CA  93446